Takeda & Sasano Natural Language Processing Research Group,
Department of Intelligent Systems, Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University.
Ph.D. 1st-year student.
Research Interests
Information Retrieval in Medical Domain, Named Entity Extraction,
Entity Relation Extraction, Corpus Construction.
Travelling, Climbing, Cooking.
Language Skills
Mandarin Chinese(Native), Cantonese, English, Japanese.
Photo taken in Yakushima


  • Guangdong University of Technology
    - 2013-2017
    College of Information Engineering.
    Major in Communication Engineering & Integrated Circuit.
    Bachelor Thesis: Music and Voice Separation of Karaoke and the Simulation Design.
  • Nagoya University
    - 2018-2020
    Graduate School of Informatics.
    Department of Intelligent Systems.
    Master Thesis: Medication-related Entity Extraction and Intention/Factuality Classification for Medical Incident Reports.
  • Nagoya University
    - 2020-Now
    Graduate School of Informatics.
    Department of Intelligent Systems.

Research publications

  • Hongkuan Zhang, Ryohei Sasano, Koichi Takeda and Zoie Shui-Yee Wong: Development of a Medical Incident Report Corpus with Intention and Factuality Annotation, In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2020), pp.4580-4586 (2020.5)


  • Intention and Factuality Annotated Medical Incident Reports Corpus (IFMIR-Corpus)


  • Meritourious Winner(Top 8%) in the 18th Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) | America. | 2016
  • Data Analysis Award in the Summer School at the Chulalongkorn University | Bangkok, Thailand. | 2019


  • Summer internship in the NEC data science research institute as the research assistant | Kawasaki, Japan. | 2018